Fluofarma offers a panel of validated cell-based assays allowing the quantification of key phenotypic and molecular events at the single-cell level and enabling to evaluate the potential benefits of compounds. Most of the cellular assays listed below can be performed on our automated screening platforms. Assays can be adapted to a different cell model, or fully developed, according to your need.


To identify compounds modulating lipid metabolism (slimming claim) we perform, in differentiated adipocytes, a lipolysis activation assay multiplexing quantification of triglyceride content and glycerol release, and combining extracellular / intracellular measurements.

Evaluation of products or active ingredients that could act on adipose tissue for slimming activity :

- Lipolysis activation (adipocyte from 3T3-L1 cells differentiation)

Lipolysis activation in adipocytes

3T3-L1cells were differentiated into adipocytes. After complete differentiation, the compound is applied (24h-48h) and cells were stained for triglycerides content in parallel with glycerol release measurement in the cell culture medium. Isoproterenol (Iso) is used as a positive control for its known lipolytic activity.