Biomarkers enable to evaluate and characterize a physiopathological context, and to predict drug response, safety and efficiency at preclinical and clinical stages.

Using automated and multiplex high-content analysis technologies, Fluofarma offers to quantify biomarkers at single-cell resolution in blood and tissue samples.

Biomarker assay applications

In the context of preclinical studies and clinical trials, we quantify biomarkers in blood or tissue samples to:

> Assess in vivo drug efficacy and safety

 > Prove in vivo drug mechanism of action

 > Perform pharmacokinetic and bioequivalence studies

 > Stratify patients in trials

Quantitative analysis of tissue biomarkers

Our biomarker analysis services can be performed a wide range of tissue samples in different formats:

Tissue samples Tissue sources Tissue origin
  • Tissue microarrays
  • Tissue sections
  • Commercial TMA
  • In-house custom-built TMA
  • Client tissue collection
  • Human archival tissues
  • Artificial 3D microtissues and xenografts (from in vivo experiments)
  • Animal tissues (from in vivo experiments)

Large experimental series are processed and analyzed by automated high-content histology:

> High-throughput image acquisition of IF/IHC-stained tissue sections or tissue microarrays

> Multiplexed biomarker quantification through cytometric image-based analysis

> Automated biomarkers analysis and quantification at the single-cell level (biomarker expression levels and biomarker subcellular distribution) using proprietary Cytosurfer® software

Multiplexed biomarker detection in blood samples

> High-throughput: blood samples are processed in 96-/384-well plates

> Multiplexed immunophenotyping & biomarker detection by automated 3-laser flow cytometry

In vitro (culture supernatant) and ex vivo (serum, plasma) samples are processed and analyzed by automated high-throughput cytometry:

> Up to 6 cytokines analyzed in multiplex

> Pre-defined set of an immune response pathway (kit) or customized set of cytokines (flex set)

> High-throughput sample acquisition of samples stained in multiplex

> Multiplexed quantification of cytokines expression through cytometry based analysis